What we look for in each blog post

This is a simple break down of what we are looking for when you submit a blog post to the Blogotex system. Each blog is reviewed under this criteria and all blog posts are reviewed equally. Please be sure to include and cover the following when submitting a blog post to Blogotex.

  • The product that you are submitting the blog post for has to be clearly visable in the blog post and should not be obscured by hair, props or other clothing items.
  • Where possible, please be sure to show any “unique” features that are included in the item, for example, if a shirt has a fishnet layer underneath please make sure that this feature is clearly visible.
  • If you are wearing a black or dark item please make sure to light this item so that it is able to be seen clearly and, when possible, to show the materials that are on all AsteroidBox items.
  • When blogging an “adult” item (such as cuffs, gags, restraints, lingerie) please make sure that all the avatars in the image are clearly 18+ and have adult looking shapes and faces.

Just a couple of extra things:

  • We will never expect or require anyone who is blogging for us to have Flickr Pro
  • If you do not have Flickr Pro please make sure to not include any links to commercial places, such as, links to the Second Life Marketplace, any Inworld Store locations or to any blogs that include any of these links
    • It should still be okay to link to your own personal blog as long as that blog does not have any links to commercial places
    • If you aren’t sure whether a link is a “commercial” link, be safe and don’t include it, simply naming the store, item name and event location will be enough
  • If you do plan on moving your main source of blogging to another website, such as DeviantArt or Instagram, please communicate this with us – we currently do require all bloggers to post in Flickr however, things can and do change and we are always willing and happy to adapt and adjust.