Welcome AsteroidBox. bloggers!

Welcome to the AsteroidBox. blogging team!
Below are a couple things for you before you begin blogging for us.

  1. We have a Discord server. You do not have to join it but is encouraged – it’s a place to share your most recent blog posts with other AsteroidBox. bloggers, preview WIPs of upcomming items and a quick and easy way to contact us. When you join please change your nickname to your SL Username, just so we can keep track of who has joined the server.
  2. If you have a sponsors page on your blog please use the logo above this text or click here for a direct link and include it on your sponsor page
  3. Please add your Flickr posts to the official store Flickr group here
  4. Please be sure to read the notecard included in all blogger packs – this notecard always includes a landmark, event start date and end (if known) and some information about the item. You don’t have to include all of the information in this notecard in your blog posts.
  5. Please make sure to read ALL the notices that are sent out via Blogotex – notices are only sent when something important needs to be sent to all bloggers, so please be sure to read them.
  6. We aim to review all blog posts within 3-5 days after they are submitted however, sometimes due to real life circumstances they can take a day or two longer to be reviewed.
  7. If you have a blogging problem please contact “sady.littlepaws” via IM – she is the official Blogger Manager and is here to help with any blogging related questions.
  8. If you have a problem with or a question about an item please contact “leithdrew resident” via NOTECARD only – I am the store owner and my IMs regularly get capped so notecards are preferred.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have – we’re super friendly and are always happy to help!

Again, welcome to the AsteroidBox. blogging team! !