FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your store located?
On June 19th 2020 the mainstore location moved to its new home here. If you have any old landmarks, please stop by the mainstore location to get a new landmark.

Do you have a Marketplace page?
Yes! You can find it here. Not all items are available on there – if something is missing, please send a message to the CSR manager at “asteroidboxstore resident”.

How do I use a gift cards, store credit or promo codes?
You can view the user guides on this page here

I did not receive an item / I declined an item
There is a redelivery terminal located at the mainstore. Click the Redelivery sign and follow the URL to the redelivery page. If this does not work for any reason, please send a message to the CSR manager at “asteroidboxstore resident”.

Are your items Modify?
Yes, all items are modify. Please do many a copy before modifying any items.

Will you make for *this* or *that* body?
All work is done by LeithDrew Resident, including rigging. Each item is rigged for bodies that suit the style of the item and always includes as many bodies as possible. Due to time contraints or limitations with developer kits, not all items can include all body options.

I want a refund because the item doesn’t fit!
All rigged items have a “demo” version available, it is your responsibility to try the “demo” version before purchasing and I can not issue a refund for this reason.

I purchased the item twice and want a refund!
The vendor system I use does NOT allow double purchases and will automatically refund your money if you try to make a double purchase – please check your purchase history via the redelivery terminal to confirm which items you own as there are many color variations for most products, this could cause confusion and have you think that you have purchased an item twice.

I played your gacha and didn’t win what I wanted!
Gachas are a game of chance, you play the machine to win a random prize each time and all AsteroidBox. gacha machines have a 10% chance of winning a rare item.

I want to exchange my gacha item.
I can offer an exchange of a NoCopy/Transfer version for a Copy/NoTransfer version of the same item – I can not offer a different item or offer exchange of commons for a rare. If your item does not work then please contact me via notecard at “LeithDrew Resident”.

I can not unbox your item!
Some places in SecondLife do not allow for scripts to run so the unpacking script will not work – either rez the HUD on the ground and unpack manually or go to a region which allows scripts to run.

I can’t find *this* item in your store or on marketplace!
Some items have been retired from the store and the marketplace because of their age or quality – any item that is no longer for sale in either of these places has been retired for a reason and is no longer available for purchase.

I want to blog for you! How do I apply?
Blogger searches are held usually every 6 months – during the summer and at the end/beginning of each year and are announced on Flickr and in the Inworld group – Bloggers are only accepted during blogger searches and any applications outside of specified blogger searches will be added to the wait list. If you are interested please read the Bloggers page for full info.

Can I get *this* item with different permissions?
I can offer NoCopy/Transfer versions of some collars at no extra fee if you contact me in world. Other than that I can not offer items with any other permissions.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here!
Please use one of the following ways to ask your question