Temporary Blog Hiatus!

This blog is temporarily going on hiatus from adding new posts as the free space that WordPress gives you for uploading pictures to has been maxed out, meaning that without paying I can’t upload any new pictures until I delete some older ones.

Until I figure out whether I’m going to pay for the upgraded version, or whether I’ll deleted images from old blog posts and just include links instead, this blog will go on a break.

If you check this blog for AsteroidBox updates, I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. You can still find all updates and new releases of Flickr and Facebook so there’s always a chance to look there if you’re missing this blogs posts.

Whatever decision I come to will be announced on here, whether thats upgrade, old post deletion or just full retirement of this blog all together.

Thanks and hope you understand!
Leith – AsteroidBox Owner.


Tempus Shirt – Update Info

Please watch the video linked at the bottom of this blog post for a visual of what is being discussed! There is also a TL;DR down there for those who don’t wish to read my ramblings.

Back in September I released the Tempus Shirt. At the time of release I was aware of a few clipping issues on the Maitreya, M.Petite and V-Tech bodies and was planning on doing an update for the known issues. Over the past month I’ve dipped in and out of Blender repeatedly and for many hours overall in an attempt to minimize the clipping as much as possible.

Today, after many many attempts and many hours spent trying to minimize the clipping, I’ve sadly had stop. I’ve managed to minimize the clipping a little (seen in the video at the bottom) however, it’s not perfect and there is still some noticable clipping on the shoulders. I have been unable to fix the M.Petite or V-Tech clipping as it has taken me this long to get Maitreya to where it is. I am truly sorry to those who bought this shirt in good faith that the rigging would be better than what it is.

An update is being sent out today (October 31st) with this NEW rig included for Maitreya users – the original verson is also included for those who found that rigging to be okay. Again, I am truly sorry for those who find that even this updated version still causes issues and I will do my best in the future to revisit this item and attempt to get the rigging to fit better.

Also, for Belleza Freya users – I was made aware a few days after the event opened that Belleza Freya was listed as a supported body. Sadly this was an error on my behalf and I quickly removed the signage – there is NO Belleza Freya support on this outfit, again my apologies for this error on my part.

A final note – if you purchased the item for Belleza Freya or are still unhappy with the Maitreya rigging, I extend an offer of L$300 store credit to you. This will ONLY be available for the month of November, so please be sure to message “asteroidboxstore resident” before the end of November to request your store credit.

TL;DR – Maitreya has been fixed a little and an update is being sent out. The incorrect signage for Belleza Freya was an error my part and I apologise for that. You can get L$300 store credit by messaging “asteroidboxstore resident” before the end of November if your purchased for Belleza Freya or are still unhappy with the update.

Also one final note – Legacy (F) does fit the Maitreya body pretty well if you are still having issues.

Thank you for reading and I hope this blog post helps some.


The futre of AsteroidBox.

Change can be a scary but necessary thing. Sometimes things that worked before are no longer working, sometimes things need to change in order for things to survive.

Last November my little store celebrated 5 years of existing. In that time it’s gone through a wide variety of styles, products and designs. Every time I started to feel stagnant I did something big to try and find the joy I had before, whether that was a new store build, a new logo, a new HUD… I always found changing something up revitalised my creativity and passion for creation. I believe it’s that time once again.

Over the past year or so I have continuously added more bodies to my clothing, more color options, larger HUDs with more options… I wanted to include everything I possibly could in each release, taking sometimes two weeks to complete a project with sometimes over 100+ hours invested in a single item. Being a slow worker and a perfectionist has definitely impacted the amount of time each item takes to complete, meaning each project has begun to feel like it needs to be “perfect” and include every body and every color and every single possible design option imaginable. After a while this need for perfection and need to please everyone has begun to take it’s toll.

I love creating and designing but recently I feel as though I have backed myself into a corner of trying to please everyone with bodies, color options, design options, full outfits, etc… The comments asking why a certain body isn’t included would feel like a stab, like I had failed. The messages asking why a certain color wasn’t provided for a release would feel like another stab, another failure. The IMs asking for more pants, more lingerie, more shirts, more everything, even though I was doing my best… yet another stab, yet another failure.

The changes that need to be made will not please everyone. I know that removing bodies I used to regularly rig for will upset some people, and removing some of the color options that had become a regular feature will upset some others. I know that change and trying new things may not pan out, but I need to make some changes to avoid burning out. I want to continue AsteroidBox for many years to come yet and changing things up has become a necessity.

I know this is a lot to read and I’m sure reading that bodies and color options being removed will disappoint some of the readers of this blog post, but please understand that these changes need to happen in order to protect my mental health, revitalise my creativity and help me to regain my passion for creation and designing.

Thanks to those who have read this whole post and for those who don’t want to read it all, here is the TL;DR:
I’m burning out with what I have been doing over the past few months and will be making some changes – some body support and color options will be removed but I hope these changes will allow me to regain my creativity and passion for creation and, in turn, allow me to create more interesting and unique items in the future.



January 2021 Blogger Search

From January 18th – January 25th, the official blogger search for AsteroidBox is running.
If you are currently on the blogger team you will need to reapply this time.

We are searching for female and male bloggers who can fit the style of AsteroidBox and represent the brand in their own unique way. Please keep in mind that all AsteroidBox items have high materials enabled, so it is a must that you know how to use and showcase materials.

AsteroidBox makes clothes for a number of female and male bodies and this year will regularly be releasing female, male and unisex items. Please check our Flickr to see which bodies are most frequently supported.

You must submit at least 2 posts per month to the Blogotex system
After requesting an item you will have 15 days to submit a blog post using that item
You will be required to blog at least 1 new release in every month
You can request 2 items at once to blog

Flickr Pro is NOT required, however, if you do not have Flickr Pro, please do not include any links on your blog posts as this is against Flickrs TOS and some users have lost their Flickr accounts.
Items must be CLEARLY visible in blog posts and must be easily recogniseable – for example, if you are blogging a shirt then the shirt cannot be layered under a jacket.
Blog posts including morphs or underage looking avatars are NOT allowed.
You will need to read all notices that are sent out on the Blogotex Dashboard – we only send them when something important needs to be said, so please do check them frequently.

Please visit the mainstore location and apply using the Blogotex Terminal
We also have a Discord that you are welcome to join


December 2020 – Mass Update

It’s that time of year again for another huge update! This time the update has mainly focused on adding Maitreya Lara Petite options for a number of top, as well as updating some old favorites with new textures, rigging and body options. Below is a list of all the updated items, along with the update notes – if you already own any of the items listed below, you can get a free update from the redelivery terminal at the mainstore location.

The items listed below are also going on sale – from December 19th until December 31st (12pm SLT). The updated items will all be 50% discounted at the mainstore location and the items will be labelled with a red sign for ease of finding. The price shown on the updated items vendors will be the 50% discounted price.

Due to time constraints, and the fact I do all the work myself, I am unable to update all past releases with the Maitreya Lara Petite so have focused on 2020 releases and more highly requested updates/fixes. Any items with bugs/issues that are not listed below will be updated some time in the future.

There is also a new Discord server that anyone is welcome to join: https://discord.gg/2quXUBT
This server is a place for all AsteroidBox related things, from getting help with an item to sharing blog posts and getting information on the newest releases.

Item NameUpdate Notes
Obsidian BootsNew meshes, textures and added more male & female body options
Caelum CollarEntirely remeshed, new textures and added more male & female body options
Canopus BootsAdded Legacy Female, plus entirely retextured and rigging has been updated
Layla BikiniAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Reece ShirtAdded Maitreya Petite body option and fixed a texture issue on Maitreya Lara
Jasmie CorsetAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Eve T-ShirtAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Mina OutfitAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Astia OutfitAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Zara T-ShirtAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Nadia BodysuitAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Paige TopAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Alicia T-ShirtAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Mya BodysuitAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Esme ShirtAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Isabelle LingerieAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Nina SuitAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Eliza ShirtAdded Maitreya Petite body option
Sienna JacketFixed Maitreya Lara and V-Tech clipping on the wrists

AsteroidBox. Fifth Birthday Party

Come along to the party on November 21st, from 2pm – 4pm SLT! There will be live music and a chance to win a selection of gift cards, so feel free to stop by and join us.

Landmark will be posted nearer to the time! Also a notice will be sent out in the VIP group and on the free news subscriber, so consider joining either of those for reminders nearer to the time.

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Five years – Birthday celebrations!

To celebrate five years of AsteroidBox, a number of events will be taking place at the mainstore between November 9th and November 15th!

There will be three raffles held during this birthday week. On Monday 9th, Thursday 12th and Saturday 14th, three fatpack prizes will be set out at the mainstore. All you need to do to enter is, stop by the mainstore, click on one (or all three!) of the raffle boards and you will be entered into the prize draw.
The raffles each run for 24 hours, from 12pm SLT until 12pm SLT the following day.
There will be 5 winners per prize, and only those who have won will be contacted.
Please only enter on the prizes you would be happy with winning – to keep this fair there will be no prize change or exchange, so please be considerate with your entries.

On Wednesday 11th, two new gifts will be put out as well – one for VIP group members and one for non group members.
The one for non group members will be entirely free for everyone and will remain out for the entire month of November. The VIP group gift will remain available forever for group members.

On Saturday 14th, an extra gift will be announced for VIP group members – this will be announced in the VIP group only and will only be available for VIP group members (there is a L$75 join fee).

Also, towards the end of the month, a party will be held, with music and more prizes to be won! More information will be announced nearer to the time, so keep an eye out.


Monday 9th – First raffle will be launched at 12pm SLT, with 3 fatpack prizes available to win

Tuesday 10th – The first raffle will end at 12pm SLT and the winners will be contacted

Wednesday 11th – Two new gifts will be set out, one for VIP group members and one for non group members

Thursday 12th – Second raffle will be launched at 12pm SLT, with 3 fatpack prizes available to win

Friday 13th – The second raffle will end at 12pm SLT and the winners will be contacted

Saturday 14th – The third raffle will be launched at 12pm SLT, with 3 fatpack prizes avialable to win, PLUS the VIP group exclusive surprise will be announced

Sunday 15th – The third raffle will end at 12pm SLT and winners will be contacted

Thank you so much for the support over the past five years and for shopping at AsteroidBox! I hope to continue to bring you items and creations that you will enjoy for many years to come.


Halloween Promo Code

From October 30th until November 6th there is a promo code that you can use at the AsteroidBox mainstore.

(please copy & paste)

This code can be used on any item at the mainstore location to get a 75% discount on the price.
The code can be used 1 time per avatar, and there is no group requirement.

Please note, the code cannot be used in combination with store credit or gift cards, and the code expires at midnight on November 6th.

For full information on how to use the promo code, please see the blog post here

The past couple months have been very stressful and busy for me and unfortunately I have been unable to put together any hunts or events for the Halloween period. I hope you understand and thank you!


Petite Chest body options

If you use the Maitreya Petite chest, please read this post fully!

I have been making clothes since August 2018 and during that time have been including an option for the Slink Hourglass Petite chest for almost all clothing releases. During these two years there had only been one body augment called “Petite” that I was releasing clothing for (the Slink Hourglass Petite Chest) so I have been naming clothing as “Petite” for this chest option. Looking back I realize this was an oversight on my part and I should have been clearer with labeling body options from the start.

Recently the Maitreya Petite chest has been released and I understand that this has caused some confusion when purchasing items from my store, expecting things labeled “Petite” to fit this new chest option. Unfortunately I cannot go back and rename all the items in my store to correct this as it would take hundreds of hours to manually do by myself, however, underneath each item there is a sign which lists all of the body options that are included and I have made sure all of these are correct in stating what body optoins are included – please PLEASE read the signs before purchasing to make sure the body that you use is included. If the signs don’t load for you, please do be sure to try the demo to make sure the correct body option is included – anything just called “Petite” is for Hourglass Petite.

Moving forward I will be making sure to include the body creators name before any different chest options when labeling clothing, for example: Maitreya Petite – HG Petite – Legacy Perky, etc. I understand that a lot of people also check the demos to see what body options are included and I am planning on including a notecard in as many demos as possible to explain the body options to try and help with any further confusion, plus signs around the store for those who don’t regularly take demos. I understand the confusion about the names of the body and I am doing my best to try and reduce the confusion as much as possible.

Basically the TL;DR is that anything labeled just “Petite” is for the Slink Hourglass Petite chest, and all future releases will include the body creator name before any other chest options. If in doubt, please read the signs under the item, check the fit of the demo or drop me a message in world before making a purchase.



RLV Items – Update Notes

All of the items from AsteroidBox that use the RLV system have now been updated to use the Open Collar RLV system. Below is a list of the updated items and a short breakdown of what has been changed for each item. If you own any of these items you can take a redelivery from the mainstore location to get the most recent version – or if you purchased from the Marketplace you can take a redelivery from your marketplace account.

Some of the older items were sold on a different vendor system, so if you purchased one of the older items before 2019 the transaction may be missing from the new vendor system – if this applies to you, please send me a notecard at “LeithDrew Resident”.

Crystal Collar

  • Updated to now use the Open Collar RLV script system
  • Fixed potential glitches with the Stealth mode in the Open Collar version

Aluna Collar

  • Updated to now use the Open Collar RLV script system
  • Now also includes the Neon Fusion leash post
  • Fixed potential glitches with the Stealth mode in the Open Collar version

Midas Restraints

  • Updated to now use the Open Collar RLV script system
  • Fixed a scripting error where sometimes the Bento animation would stop upon sitting, standing or switching between animations – the animation will now override all arm movements
  • The “Type 2” animation has been revised to hold the arms further apart and now works better with larger chests and larger avatars

Athena Collar

  • Updated to use the Open Collar RLV system for the “w/o leash (Open Collar)” version of the collar
  • Fixed a scripting error where sometimes the Bento animation would stop upon sitting, standing or switching between animations – the holding leash animation now overrides the right arm movement
  • Removed a number of unnecessary prims from the “w/o Leash” versions of the collar
  • Updated the instructions to be more user friendly and explain some confusing parts
  • Now also includes the Neon Fusion leash post

Mouth Silencer

  • Updated to now use the Open Collar RLV script system
  • Now also includes the Neon Fusion leash post
  • Added a simple RLV lock to the garble version of the gag

Perseus Nipple Chains

  • Updated to now use the Open Collar RLV script system
  • Now also includes the Neon Fusion leash post