Blogging for AsteroidBox.

Thanks for your interest in blogging for AsteroidBox. Please read all the info below.
(Updated January 8th 2021)

Blogger applications are currently: CLOSED

Basic requirements

  1. You must submit at least 2 posts per month to the Blogotex system
  2. After requesting an item you will have 15 days to submit a blog post using that item
  3. You will be required to blog at least 1 new release in every month
  4. You can request 2 items at once to blog

A few things to note

  1. Flickr Pro is NOT required however:
    1. If you are a Flickr Pro user please include the full item name, event landmark and a landmark to the mainstore location
    2. If you do not have Flickr Pro please include the full item name, the store name and the event name
  2. The item must be clearly visible in the blog post, with at least 50% of the item clearly visible and recogniseable
  3. Blog posts that include “morphs” or underage looking avatars are not allowed
  4. You will need to read any dashboard notices send via Blogotex, these are only sent out with important updates so please be sure to read them.

Important info

  • Please be aware that posting on Flickr is required however, any other forms of blogging are also welcomed such as Facebook, WordPress, Instagram, DeviantArt and even Vloggers.
  • Any form of abuse, self harm, hate or glorifying sensitive or possibly offensive subjects will not be tolerated – any blog post containing these things will be rejected


The Blogotex Access Point is located at the mainstore location at the front desk – it will show whether applications are currently open or closed and also provide a link back to this page to review the rules. Please read the rules on both this page and on the Blogotex application page before applying.