50/50 Event

On the first (1st) day of every month the 50/50 event takes place at the AsteroidBox mainstore.
The 50/50 event area is located outside of the mainstore building on the street.

The 50/50 event is not just a regular mainstore release, it has a twist. Each month a brand new release will be put out however, there are two version of this new release.
Regular and Limited

The Regular version is discounted by 50% for the first week of release (1st – 8th)
The Limited version only has 50 copies available – once these are gone they will never be on sale again

The event begins at noon SLT (12pm) on the 1st of each month – the opening is announced in the AsteroidBox VIP group as well as on Facebook, Flickr, the store subscriber service and this blog.
A countdown clock is located at the 50/50 event booth – this shows when the 50% discount ends (12pm on the 8th). Once this clock reaches zero the 50% discount ends and the Regular version returns to full price.
Above the Limited version is a counter of how many copies are left – once this reaches zero the vendor sets itself to “not for sale” and the Limited version has officially sold out.

Once the 50/50 event is over (around the 29th of each month) the item moves inside the mainstore building and a countdown clock until the next round of 50/50 is set up at the event booth.