Temporary Blog Hiatus!

This blog is temporarily going on hiatus from adding new posts as the free space that WordPress gives you for uploading pictures to has been maxed out, meaning that without paying I can’t upload any new pictures until I delete some older ones.

Until I figure out whether I’m going to pay for the upgraded version, or whether I’ll deleted images from old blog posts and just include links instead, this blog will go on a break.

If you check this blog for AsteroidBox updates, I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. You can still find all updates and new releases of Flickr and Facebook so there’s always a chance to look there if you’re missing this blogs posts.

Whatever decision I come to will be announced on here, whether thats upgrade, old post deletion or just full retirement of this blog all together.

Thanks and hope you understand!
Leith – AsteroidBox Owner.