The futre of AsteroidBox.

Change can be a scary but necessary thing. Sometimes things that worked before are no longer working, sometimes things need to change in order for things to survive.

Last November my little store celebrated 5 years of existing. In that time it’s gone through a wide variety of styles, products and designs. Every time I started to feel stagnant I did something big to try and find the joy I had before, whether that was a new store build, a new logo, a new HUD… I always found changing something up revitalised my creativity and passion for creation. I believe it’s that time once again.

Over the past year or so I have continuously added more bodies to my clothing, more color options, larger HUDs with more options… I wanted to include everything I possibly could in each release, taking sometimes two weeks to complete a project with sometimes over 100+ hours invested in a single item. Being a slow worker and a perfectionist has definitely impacted the amount of time each item takes to complete, meaning each project has begun to feel like it needs to be “perfect” and include every body and every color and every single possible design option imaginable. After a while this need for perfection and need to please everyone has begun to take it’s toll.

I love creating and designing but recently I feel as though I have backed myself into a corner of trying to please everyone with bodies, color options, design options, full outfits, etc… The comments asking why a certain body isn’t included would feel like a stab, like I had failed. The messages asking why a certain color wasn’t provided for a release would feel like another stab, another failure. The IMs asking for more pants, more lingerie, more shirts, more everything, even though I was doing my best… yet another stab, yet another failure.

The changes that need to be made will not please everyone. I know that removing bodies I used to regularly rig for will upset some people, and removing some of the color options that had become a regular feature will upset some others. I know that change and trying new things may not pan out, but I need to make some changes to avoid burning out. I want to continue AsteroidBox for many years to come yet and changing things up has become a necessity.

I know this is a lot to read and I’m sure reading that bodies and color options being removed will disappoint some of the readers of this blog post, but please understand that these changes need to happen in order to protect my mental health, revitalise my creativity and help me to regain my passion for creation and designing.

Thanks to those who have read this whole post and for those who don’t want to read it all, here is the TL;DR:
I’m burning out with what I have been doing over the past few months and will be making some changes – some body support and color options will be removed but I hope these changes will allow me to regain my creativity and passion for creation and, in turn, allow me to create more interesting and unique items in the future.