Petite Chest body options

If you use the Maitreya Petite chest, please read this post fully!

I have been making clothes since August 2018 and during that time have been including an option for the Slink Hourglass Petite chest for almost all clothing releases. During these two years there had only been one body augment called “Petite” that I was releasing clothing for (the Slink Hourglass Petite Chest) so I have been naming clothing as “Petite” for this chest option. Looking back I realize this was an oversight on my part and I should have been clearer with labeling body options from the start.

Recently the Maitreya Petite chest has been released and I understand that this has caused some confusion when purchasing items from my store, expecting things labeled “Petite” to fit this new chest option. Unfortunately I cannot go back and rename all the items in my store to correct this as it would take hundreds of hours to manually do by myself, however, underneath each item there is a sign which lists all of the body options that are included and I have made sure all of these are correct in stating what body optoins are included – please PLEASE read the signs before purchasing to make sure the body that you use is included. If the signs don’t load for you, please do be sure to try the demo to make sure the correct body option is included – anything just called “Petite” is for Hourglass Petite.

Moving forward I will be making sure to include the body creators name before any different chest options when labeling clothing, for example: Maitreya Petite – HG Petite – Legacy Perky, etc. I understand that a lot of people also check the demos to see what body options are included and I am planning on including a notecard in as many demos as possible to explain the body options to try and help with any further confusion, plus signs around the store for those who don’t regularly take demos. I understand the confusion about the names of the body and I am doing my best to try and reduce the confusion as much as possible.

Basically the TL;DR is that anything labeled just “Petite” is for the Slink Hourglass Petite chest, and all future releases will include the body creator name before any other chest options. If in doubt, please read the signs under the item, check the fit of the demo or drop me a message in world before making a purchase.