Customer Feedback – Response

Thanks to all those who completed the form, I truly appreciate all the feedback given and will be taking a lot of it on board. Above you can see the main parts of the form broken down into percentages and here I will briefly discuss what will happen moving forward – this is as much for myself as for those who completed the forms!

In response to the Female bodies feedback I will continue to support the bodies I already have been but I will also now include support for the V-Tech chest in as many cases as possible since the interest in me creating for that chest appears to be reasonably high. I also now have an updated version of the Belleza Freya kit which means I can support this body on all items in future.

For the Male bodies feedback I will now be supporting the Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni on all Unisex items and any Male only items in future since these two bodies proved to be the most popular

As I mentioned in the info above I will now be including White as a standard color option for all clothing and accessory items since a large number of people requested White to be brought back in the “open feedback” section. I will also be creating items in different colors and asking the AsteroidBox VIP Group for feedback on those new colors so if you’re interested in having input in what other colors become standard, consider joining the VIP Group at the Mainstore.

Moving on with the Mainstore section of the feedback form, a high percentage of people selected the option that they want to see more mainstore events as well as sales, hunts and discounts. There is already a monthly mainstore event however I do want to have more events at the store and I am currently working on a Story based Hunt for the mainstore which should hopefully take place during the summer. I have a number of flash sales and discount events planned for the near future and hope that interest in mainstore events and activies continues to grow!

The final section, which isn’t included in the info above, was to do with what specific items people are interested in seeing. There was a huge response for this section with many people leaving their own suggestions in the “other” category. I wont be going through each item or saying which items will or will not be made however, the feedback shows there is an interest in a huge variety of different types of items with Tops/shirts, Pants/bottoms, Shoes and Unisex items receiving the highest numbers of votes. I want to keep what I create as varied as possible and hope to release many different types of items in future and expand the new Unisex line – Omne Corpus.

If you’ve made it this far then thank you so much for reading and thanks to all those who completed the feedback form – I hope to make this a yearly thing and ask for more customer feedback from time to time to make sure I continue to make things to a high standard, in colors that you enjoy and a wide variety of different types of items.

Thanks so much!