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Athena Collar

Available at the mainstore location

This collar and leash includes a large Fatpack HUD and many options
There are two size options included for different chest sizes
It is unrigged and includes a Bento hold animation which the wearers hand holds the leash in front

Also includes an exclusive Role-play emote function
– With 5 preset emotes
– Allows the wearer to make private, public or access list only
– Simply click the collar, use the menu and an emote will play
– Detailed instructions included

Open Collar/RLV version – Without Leash
The Open Collar/RLV version has no leash attached to allow the wearer and another avatar to use the built in leash option from the RLV feature

Also includes unscripted version for the version with the leash and version with just the collar.
Demo available at the event to test for size and fitting

See HUD below for all color/metal option