How to use the gift card…

  1. Attach the Card – it will automatically attach to the HUD
  2. On the popup menu click “yes” to proceed. Another Menu will then pop up to tell you your new balance.
  3. A notice in local chat will tell you the script has been removed from the card.

To use the card:

1. Right click on the vendor and select “menu” – !DO NOT PAY THE VENDOR!
2. You can check your balance here if needed.
3. Click the “buy” option on the menu
4. Another menu will open up. Here you have a number of options
– L$ Removes you from the menu and lets you pay with Lindens
– Store Credit takes you to a different menu to pay with credit
– Gift Card is the option you want – click this one
5. A final menu will pop up for you to confirm the purcahse. Click “confirm” and your item will be delivered.