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Monthly Raffle Info + Rules

** Updated January 9th 2019 – change to Monthly Raffle **

  • On the SECOND (2nd) Saturday of each month a new raffle will be announced in the VIP Group
  • The item will be a Fatpack which will include all color/texture options.
  • There can only be ONE ( 1 ) entry per account each month,
  • An account can only win ONCE ( 1 ) per year, this is to keep the raffle fair and prevent an account repeatedly winning.
  • On the last day of the month the raffle winner will be drawn randomly by the raffle system
  • The raffle is 100% free to group members

When the raffle ends the winner will be picked randomly and contacted by LeithDrew Resident.

  • To allow the winner to receive any updates on the product they won the item will be delivered to them via the vendor system used by AsteroidBox. and not delieverd by the raffle board.
  • The prize is NOT transfereable – the account that wins will be the account that receives the item.

The raffle has been changed to monthly so AsteroidBox. can continue to provide high quality prizes and allow more VIP Group members a chance to win the prize.