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Halloween Hunt

Announcing the 2019 Halloween Hunt!

The hunt is taking place at the AsteroidBox. Mainstore location
It is completely free to participate in and each hunt item is also completely free

There are 9 items to find around the mainstore location
To start off the hunt please click the sign on the board outside of the main building for the first clue!
Each item includes a clue towards finding the next item – some are more cryptic than others

The clothing items are rigged to various female bodies, however not all items include all body options
The unrigged items can be adjusted to fit almost any avatar – so there is something for everyone
Some items include metal change HUDs but all the items are black and bloody

Please note – to keep things fair I can’t give out hints to item locations. If you are really stuck please ask a fellow hunter or leave a message in the AsteroidBox. VIP Group chat to see if anyone can help you

The hunt runs until November 1st so stop by the mainstore before then to join in!


Grim Gacha

Available at The Epiphany event on the main sim and the mirror sim.

There are 16 commons and 2 rare items to win plus the Epiphany exclusive which can be purchased with 25 redeem points. For info on how the event works please see their website here.

The rigged items in the gacha are rigged to Maitreya Lara (includes V-Tech version for the top) and Slink Hourglass (includes Petite Chest version for the top).
The common hammer and rare mask are both unrigged and can be resized and adjusted to fit almost any avatar.
There is a demo available at the event on both of the sims to test for fit.

All Clothing · Bottoms · Skirts

Ayla Skirt

Available at the Kustom9 event until November 10th

Fits: Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass and Legacy Female

There are 11 color options with each including a plain and dragon design for the side of the skirt.
Each color purchase also includes all 11 color options for the side of the skirt plus separate optional panties with multiple color options.
Also includes metal change HUD for the chain and charm decoration.

All Clothing · Tops

Idyia Top

Available at the Equal10 event until November 5th

Fits: Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass, Hourglass Petite Chest and Legacy Female

There are 9 color options available, each includes 4 metal change options for the main chains plus the metal details on the sleeves.
The top and sleeves can be worn separately to be styled with other items
Fatpack purchase allows mix&match with the sleeves, front and back part of the top with all color options included

All Clothing · Full Outfits

Dione Outfit

This outfit is available at the NeoJapan event
A demo is also available at the mainstore location

This outfit is sold in 10 different tank top options – each option includes a fatpack HUD for the attached shorts
The tank tops are a soft fabric material with a number of plain and patterned designs, and the shorts come in leather with a number of texture change areas and detailed leather work
There are 8 belt, 8 button, 3 metal and 8 main & side pannel options for the shorts, allowing huge customization and mix/match style options.

All Clothing · Dresses

Sabrina Dress

This dress is available at the Salem event until October 31st
Demo is available at the mainstore location

This dress is available for the bodies Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass, Hourglass Petite and Legacy Female
There are 7 standard color packs with each including both a plain and pattern dress options
There are also 3 mini fatpacks, each includes multiple color options in the design on the mini fatpack
Each purchase allows for the front, back and sleeves of the dress to be changed indivdually.
Each purchase also includes a buttons HUD plus optional panties with a texture change HUD

All Clothing · Bottoms

Nyx Boots & Pants

Available at the mainstore location

There are 9 color packs available, each including a details HUD for the belt, changing the main belt and the buckle
Each color pack also includes a full fatpack HUD for the boots, with 8 leather, laces and sole options, and 3 metal options
The fatpack option includes a large fatpack HUD with 4 different areas of the pants having individual texture change, allowing the option to create multiple variations of pant designs

Fits: Matireya Lara, Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass and Legacy Female

The boots and pants are designed to work together and should not be unlinked