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Lena Pants

Available at the Kustom9 event until February 10th

Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass and Legacy

There are 20 color options available, with each purchase including both a plain version and a version with doodles – both the front and back can be changed individually
Also included are a fishnet color change, with the white option being tintable, and metal options for the front button detail
Fatpack allows mix & match with different color options for the front and back
High materials enabled – copy & modify

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Adrian Jacket

Available at the Equal10 event until February 5th
For the duration of the event this item is being sold at 25% discount

Maitreya Lara, V-Tech, Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass, Hourglass Petite Chest & Legacy

There are 20 color options – each includes a full fatpack HUD for the optional sweater (20 colors)
Each color option also includes metal change options for the pins and studs, as well as optional back patch
Pins and back patch can also be hidden or shown for multiple styling options

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Eliza Shirt

Available at the Anthem event until January 30th

Maitreya Lara, V-Tech, Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass, Hourglass Petite Chest and Legacy

There are 20 color options available, each includes 3 designs for the front of shirt and 2 for the back. Each color pack also includes a large details HUD for the sleeves, collar, under shirt and tag, with all color options included for the sleeve and collar options.
Fatpack includes all color options in a large HUD with all design options included too.


New Years sale and info on updated items

Over the past month I have been working on updating a number of older items to include new body options and fix some script issues and other fixes. Below is a list with all the updated items and the update notes. If you already own any of these items, please take a redelivery from the mainstore location, or via the Marketplace, to receive the free update.

From January 1st until January 8th, all of these updated items will be on sale at a 50% discount at the mainstore location.
The items will be marked with a logo to help you identify which items are on sale.
The sale goes live at 12pm SLT
(vendors of updated items will be disabled until the updates are complete)

Due to time constraints, I am unable to update every single item with new body options as I do all the work myself. Therefore, I have covered more recent releases and items that I have been frequently requested to update or fix glitches on.

Item NameUpdate notes
Erator HarnessFixed clipping on V-Tech version and added Legacy Female body option
Janus OutfitAdded Legacy Female body option
Mira ShortsAdded Legacy Female body option
Idalia Skirt & TopAdded V-Tech Chest and Legacy Female body options
Achelous Dress Added V-Tech Chest and Legacy Female body options
Keres Jacket Added V-Tech Chest and Legacy Female body options
Rosa LingerieAdded V-Tech Chest body option
Alina Shirt Added V-Tech Chest body option
Dione Outfit Added V-Tech Chest body option
Sabrina Dress Added V-Tech Chest body option
Emilia Skirt & ShoesAdded Legacy Female body option to both skirt and shoes
Malus PantsAdded Legacy Female body option
Thallo Lingerie Added V-Tech Chest and Legacy Female body options
Solatium Sweater Added V-Tech Chest and Legacy Female body options
Anteros Dress Added V-Tech Chest and Legacy Female body options
Erebus OutfitAdded V-Tech, Belleza Freya and Legacy Female body options
Tethys Set Added V-Tech Chest body option
Erotes CuffsFixed a glitch where the Bento animation would cancel after sit/stand
Midas Restraints Fixed a glitch where the Bento animation would cancel after sit/stand
Mouth SilencerAdded gag/garble function and a simple RLV locking version

Due to a major hard drive error in October I have sadly lost a number of my original files, meaning I am unable to update a number of older items. Thankfully my backup system saved most of my work but the following items have lost their original source files and wont be receiving any mesh updates:

  • Idyia Top
  • Artemis Dress
  • Moirai Top
  • Obsidian Boots
  • Lepus Top

Blogger Search – December 2019

Please apply via the Blogtex terminal at the mainstore location
Please also make sure to read ALL the rules here before applying as they are non negotiable and apply to all bloggers.
There is also a completely optional additional form that you can complete – this is not mandatory and not completing it wont affect your chance to be a blogger

All genders, identities, styles or orientations are welcomed however please keep in mind that AsteroidBox. is predominantly a female clothing store with most releases for the following bodies: Maitreya Lara, V-Tech Chest, Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass, Hourglass Petite Chest Mod and Legacy Female

If you have any questions before applying please feel free to contact me in world at LeithDrew Resident


Customer Feedback Response – December 2019

Firstly, thanks so much to all 159 people who completed the feedback form. I truly appreciate it and hope that with the feedback I will be able to make more items that you will love!
I will quickly break down the information below for anyone who is interested – I will be using this form and information myself, so this is for myself as much as anyone else.

Female bodies
I will continue to create for the same bodies I have been making items for with the addition of V-Tech being included in all new releases (except for pants, shoes, etc…) This means that all future releases will include body options for Maitreya Lara, V-Tech, Slink Hourglass, Slink Hourglass w/ Petite Chest, Belleza Freya and Legacy Female.

Male bodies
I am currently not working on any male releases however, if or when the next male item is released it will include body options for Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and Slink Physique Male.

Color options
The feedback requesting pastel and brighter color options was huge! I have listened to your requests and will be adding 10 more standard color options to each release, totaling 19 color options. There will also be mini fatpacks available, including pastel packs, brights packs, grayscale and others to be decided. There will also be more patterns available – I am currently working on designing my own patterns which will hopefully be available from January next year.

New release information and news
As stated in the graphic above, a Discord server will be set up next year which anyone will be able to join, along with all the other current social media places. Flickr and the VIP Group appear to be the most popular, along with Facebook and the Subscription service.

Mainstore releases and events
The majority of people who responded say they enjoy mainstore events and releases, so I will definitely be doing more of these, potentially with different things such as furniture, decor, accessories, etc. Also, all sales will now be a minimum of 48 hours long to cover as many time zones as possible. I will also continue to participate in The Saturday Sale and work on 50/50.

The final bit…
I just wanted to address a few things that regularly popped up in the “free feedback” section, where everyone was welcome to leave any extra feedback they wanted. Customization seems to be extremely popular, so I will work on a system that should hopefully allow for more customization in future. There were also many requests for more “adult” items, which I will definitely work on and have already accepted a few events related to this for next year. Male and unisex items were also mentioned a lot – while I really do want to make more of these items, they are currently not in my skillset, so I will do my best to practice this and aim to release a few male and unisex items next year.

An announcement!
Ok, I lied, this is the final bit…
On January 1st I will be launching the BIGGEST update I have ever done. This will include rigging updates for 20 items – adding V-Tech Chest options to tops, Legacy Female options to all of the updated items and adding unrigged and male body support for shoes. This has been a work in progress for over a month, and it’s finally almost time. Sadly I cannot update all previous releases as I am just one person and doing these 20 items has already taken so long, and even more sadly, I have lost a number of my files due to a hard disk error back in October (and a poor backup system on my part). A list will be sent out nearer to the time with all updated items and a big sale will take place as well – so keep your eyes open nearer to the 1st!

If you make it this far, thanks for reading! Hopefully you see some things here that you like and I look forward to making more fun items that you will hopefully enjoy!

All Clothing · Tops

Jenna Shirt

Available at the Kustom9 event until January 10th
Demo available at the mainstore and at the event

Fits: Maitreya Lara, V-Tech, Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass, Hourglass Petite Chest, Legacy Female & Signature Alice

There are 10 color options to chose from, each includesa details HUD with left and right sleeve and undershirt change options
The under shirt can be hidden or shown for different styling
The full fatpack allows mix and match, with 6 different areas of the shirt to change, including left and right sides of the shirt, sleeves, collar, knot tie and the under shirt.